Unisa Open Distance Learning 2023-2024

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Unisa Open Distance Learning 2023-2024

Unisa Open Distance Learning 2023-2024

Unisa Open Distance Learning 2023-2024

Open Distance e-Learning (ODeL) Is a Different way of Learning at Unisa

What is Unisa Open Distance e Learning (ODeL)?

At Unisa, Open Distance e-Learning is a different way of learning. There is also a physical distance between the applicant and the University. For many of us, this means our old learning experiences won’t make us prepare for the Unisa study process. For open distance e-learning, you have the choice to plan for your studies and managing your own time productively. You do not have to go to lectures daily. You will therefore study from a distance and connect to the institution through the internet. If you finish your earlier on qualifications at an accommodated University, it is ultimately necessary to think about adaptation you are required to make so that you can be a successful Unisa Student. Remember that you are not on your own. There are several supported services by Unisa for Students from tutorial assistance and counseling, to online tools. This “DISTANCE” in an open distance e learning signifies that most of all your interactions with UNISA will happen at a distance precisely in digital format.

Your Study Materials

All your study materials will be made up of content writing, be it paper (eg, authorized books or textbooks), or online (eg, myUnisa), this means that you will be listening to a teacher or a lecture in a classroom. In some cases, computers and internet will be provided by Unisa for your access at regional offices and other partner organizations, but is better to have your own computer and an internet access.

Your Study World

The excellent way to survive with an open distance e-learning at Unisa is to take full control for your own learning experience and environment. Your study world is going to be the environment in which you create – either in a room at home, a desk somewhere you can use at work and, of course, the connections in which you make and the virtual networks you can develop.

Your Time

You are also require to tell your friends, family and work colleagues about how your studies is demanding a lot from you, this is because they will by all means forget that you are actually studying and making demands on your time.

What does it look like to be Unisa ODeL Students?

Unisa Open Distance Learning 2023-2024

Student services & support

As an open-distance e-learning university, Unisa and our students do not have much face-to – face touch. Nonetheless, our students come first and during your Unisa journey we have several resources to help you, such as our libraries, counseling facilities, regional centers and numerous student organizations.

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