What Is The Pass Mark For The Unisa Supplementary Exam 2025/2026

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What Is The Pass Mark For The Unisa Supplementary Exam 2025/2026

What Is The Pass Mark For The Unisa Supplementary Exam 2025/2026

What Score Do You Need to Pass the UNISA Supplementary Exam in 2025/2026:

The University of South Africa (Unisa) is one of the largest distance learning institutions globally, offering various undergraduate and postgraduate programs to a diverse student population. Like any other university, Unisa recognizes that students may face challenges during their studies, leading to suboptimal results. To support their academic progress, Unisa provides a supplementary examination opportunity to qualifying students. This article will delve into the passing mark for the Unisa supplementary exam and shed light on how it can positively impact students’ academic careers.

A supplementary examination at UNISA refers to an additional exam opportunity granted to students who did not meet the required pass mark in the initial examination. It serves as a second chance for students to improve their scores without having to re-register and redo the entire course/module in the subsequent semester or year.

The UNISA supplemental examination system demonstrates the university’s dedication to ensuring the success of its students by giving students yet another chance to demonstrate their knowledge and comprehension. Students must be mindful of the rules governing supplementary tests, understand when they qualify, and make appropriate use of this opportunity.

Who Qualifies for the  Unisa Supplementary Exam For 2025/2026

You are qualified to take the supplementary examination if the applicant:

Close to Passing:

  • Usually, students who were close to passing the course but just fell short of a few marks might be eligible for a supplementary examination.

Medical Excuse or Special Exam Candidates:

  • Students who couldn’t sit for the original exam due to specific valid reasons, like medical emergencies, might be allowed to take the supplementary exam as their first attempt.

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How Many Marks Do You Need To Qualify For Supplementary Exams

The following are the marks you need to get in other to qualify for supplementary exams at Unisa:

  • Supplementary examinations may be granted provided you received a sub-minimum of 40% in the examination
  • If you qualify for a supplementary examination (you must receive 40% in your examination to qualify for a supplementary exam), you will be notified when you receive your results.

Eligibility for the Unisa Supplementary Exam

Not all students are eligible to take the supplementary exam. To qualify, certain criteria must be met:

  • Minimum Mark: Students must obtain a final mark that is close to the pass mark (usually around 40% to 49%). This requirement ensures that those who almost passed the module are given a chance to improve their scores.
  • Module Weighting: The module should be classified as a year module (with a weighting of 20 credits or more) or a semester module (with a weighting of 10 credits or more). Students should carefully review the specific module guidelines to determine their eligibility.
  • First Attempt: Only students attempting the module for the first time are eligible for the supplementary exam. If a student has already attempted the module twice, they will not be granted another supplementary opportunity.

What Is The Pass Mark For The Unisa Supplementary Exam 2025/2026

  • The pass mark for the Unisa supplementary exam is generally higher than the pass mark for the initial examination. While the exact pass mark may vary from module to module, it is typically set at 50%. Students need to recognize that the supplementary exam is not a guaranteed pass; rather, it is a chance for redemption that requires dedicated preparation and effort.

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How To Purchase A Copy Of Your Examination Answer Books At UNISA

  • You may apply to purchase a copy of your examination answer book. The cost is R50,00 per module. Only photocopies of the answer book will be made available. These are sent via registered mail or e-mail once the application has been approved. This takes approximately 14 days.

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The Unisa supplementary exam provides a lifeline to students who narrowly missed the pass mark in their initial attempt. It is a second chance for students to prove their academic capabilities and continue their educational journey. By recognizing the eligibility criteria, understanding the pass mark requirements, and adopting effective preparation strategies, students can maximize their chances of success in the supplementary exam. Visit the official Website of Unisa For More Details.

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