Unisa Apply For Graduation Information

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Unisa Apply For Graduation Information

Access graduation information

Unisa Apply For Graduation Information

Think you should be graduating, but haven’t heard anything? Remember, the qualification audit process takes a while

Graduation information

Below is how to access graduation information with Unisa.

Step 1: visit MyAdmin on University of South Africa Official website.

Step 2: You need Your students Number, Last Name and Full Names

Step 3: Your date of Birth is required.

Now that you have enter all theĀ  above information you can sucessfully access your graduation information.


To access your graduation information, login to myUnisa with your student number and password. Then click on “myAdmin”, “Student Admin” and “Graduation information”.

Once you have checked the information, submit the form.

Confirmation: completion of qualification

When will I receive confirmation that I have completed my qualification?

After examination results are released, a final-year student’s record is audited by the Directorate: Student Admissions and Registrations to verify the completion of qualification prior to the qualification status being changed from “Final year” to “Completed” by the Division: Graduations. The audit will be finalised as soon as possible after the examination results have been released.

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