Which Course Can I Do With APS Score 15 In 2025/2026

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Which Course Can I Do With APS Score 15 In 2025/2026

Which Course Can I Do With APS Score 15 In 2025/2026

Courses Available with an APS Score of 15 for 2025/2026:

The standards for academic success and the structure of courses have undergone significant changes recently. To simplify and make the academic selection process transparent, the Academic Point Score (APS) was created. You’re not the only one who may be unsure of your options if your APS score is 15, as there are many for the academic years 2024–2025. These are problems that many students face.

APS stands for Academic Point Score, a point system used by many educational institutions to determine if a student qualifies for a particular program or course. The system considers your subject achievements and translates them into a single score. APS scores of 15 or less will typically qualify students for certificates, diplomas, online courses, and short courses. Obtaining a Bcom or BA degree, as well as some diplomas, with an APS score of 15 will be extremely difficult.

 Learners are been encouraged that an APS score of 15  is not the end of their academic journey. There are multiple avenues to explore and expand your horizons. While the score is a part of your academic profile, your zeal to learn, determination, and skills will always play a more significant role in your success.

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Which Course Can Be Studied With APS Score 15 In 2025/2026

The following is the list of courses and programmes that can be studied with APS 15:

ICB Courses

With an APS of 15, you can study ICB Courses. These courses are ideal if you want to establish a business or operate in the business industry. You will be well-versed in internationally renowned skills, knowledge, and certificates.

You can utilise your ICB Qualification to further your education, obtain work, or establish a business. The ICB Courses available to you are shown below;

  • ICB Business Management Courses
  • ICB Financial Accounting Courses
  • ICB Office Administration Courses

NATED Courses

With an APS of 15, you can enrol in NATED Courses. These courses are ideal if you want to gain practical skills and information that will boost your chances of finding work anywhere in South Africa.

These business courses can assist you in finding employment in the business industry. The following NATED Courses are currently available:

  • Financial Management NATED Courses
  • Educare NATED Courses
  • Marketing Management NATED Courses
  • Management Assistant NATED Courses
  • Business Management NATED Courses
  • Human Resource Management NATED Courses
  • Legal Secretary NATED Courses

Short Courses

Short Courses can be studied with an APS of 15 points. These courses are ideal for students who wish to develop a set of skills that can be utilised to start enterprises and find work.

Short Courses are also ideal because they are brief, do not require exams, and give specialist skills.

You can enrol in the following Short Courses:

  • Salon Management Course
  • Nail Care Courses
  • Make-up Courses
  • Facial Skincare Courses
  • Beauty Therapy Courses
  • First Aid Course Courses
  • Crèche Management Courses
  • Child Day Care Courses
  • Child Psychology Courses
  • Tourism Management Courses
  • Guest House Management Courses
  • Events Management Courses
  • Wedding Planning Courses

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Having a 15 APS score does not limit your academic and career options; there are plenty of courses available to suit your interests and aspirations. Whether you want to become a teacher, delve into social sciences, pursue business ventures, work with cutting-edge technology, or contribute to environmental conservation, your APS score opens doors to various possibilities. Take the time to explore your interests and research the different courses and career paths to make an informed decision that aligns with your passions and goals. Remember that dedication, hard work, and determination can lead to success in any field you choose to pursue. Best of luck on your academic journey!

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