What Can I Study With 23 Points 2025/2026

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What Can I Study With 23 Points 2025/2026

What Can I Study  In University With 23 Points 2025/2026

Best Courses to Study with 23 Points in 2025/2026:

If you’ve recently completed your high school exams and achieved 23 points, you may be wondering what educational opportunities lie ahead of you. Despite the points being lower than the maximum score, various study options are still available to you. Whether you pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate, this article will guide you through the diverse study paths you can explore with 23 points. This comprehensive guide delves into the possibilities and discovers the best educational route for your future.

In various educational settings, points are often a reflection of a student’s academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, or other qualifying requirements. The point total can then influence course or university selections. The APS system assesses applicants’ eligibility for different programs based on their performance in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) or Senior Certificate (SC) examinations. The APS score is calculated by converting your subject scores into points, with each subject contributing to your total APS score.

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What Can I Study With 23 Points Score At UNISA

The following are the programmes and courses that students can study with their points 23 for the 2025/2026 academic year:

Bachelor’s Degree Programs

You can apply to several undergraduate programmes at UNISA if you have a 23 APS score. UNISA’s bachelor’s degrees encompass a wide range of subjects, allowing you to explore your passions and career goals. Among the prominent Bachelor’s degree programmes to consider are:

  •  Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  •  Bachelor of Commerce (BCom)
  •  Bachelor of Science (BSc)
  •  Bachelor of Education (BEd)
  •  Bachelor of Laws (LLB)
  •  Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Higher Certificate Programs

UNISA offers Higher Certificate programmes if you want to obtain valuable skills and knowledge in a specialised area without committing to a full degree. These programmes are ideal for people who want to improve their skills or advance their careers in a short period. With a 23 APS score, you can look into Higher Certificate possibilities like:

  •  Higher Certificate in Accounting Sciences
  •  Higher Certificate in Information Technology
  •  Higher Certificate in Marketing

Postgraduate Diploma Programs

UNISA offers postgraduate diploma programmes for students who have already obtained a Bachelor’s degree and are looking for specialised knowledge and competence. These certificates enable you to specialise in a certain sector and increase your professional options. With a 23 APS score, some postgraduate diploma opportunities include:

  •  Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PG Dip in Business Administration)
  •  Postgraduate Diploma in Public Relations Management (PG Dip in PR Management)
  •  Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management (PG Dip in Financial Management)

Honours Degrees

If you aim to delve deeper into your chosen field of study and develop research skills, Honours degrees at UNISA are a viable option. Honours degrees require a prior Bachelor’s degree and provide specialized knowledge, preparing you for advanced career paths or further academic pursuits.

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Even though 23 points might cause difficulties in some academic areas, they also give you access to a wide range of educational opportunities. Continuous learning, staying current, and embracing the many academic paths that might lead to a fulfilling career are important.

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