What Can I Study With 18 Point 2024/2025

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What Can I Study With 18 Point 2024/2025

What Can I Study With 18 Point At Unisa 2024/2025

Exploring Study Paths for 18 Point Students in 2024/2025:

As the year 2024 approaches, students who have recently completed their high school exams and achieved 18 points may be pondering their educational options. While it is natural to wonder about the possibilities with a score lower than the maximum, it’s essential to remember that there are still plenty of study opportunities available to explore. In this article, it will delve into the diverse range of educational paths you can consider with 18 points in 2024. Whether you aspire to pursue a degree, diploma, or certificate, understanding your options and finding the right fit for your interests and career goals is crucial. Let’s embark on this journey of exploration and discover the exciting study opportunities that await you with 18 points in hand.

Understanding the 2024 SA Points System

It is critical to understand the points system before digging into the different study options. Various grading scales are used in different educational systems, and the points indicate the total scores you have attained in your academic disciplines or qualifications. The points system is typically connected with high school credentials like the International Baccalaureate (IB) or the South African National Senior Certificate (NSC).

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What To Study With 18 Point In South Africa

Study Options with 18 Points;

  • Higher Education Diplomas: Many universities and colleges offer 18-point higher education diploma programmes. These diploma courses are usually narrowly focused and specialised, preparing you for specific jobs or sectors.
  • Vocational Courses: With 18 points, you may have access to a range of vocational courses, which provide practical skills and hands-on training in various fields such as hospitality, information technology, or business management.
  • Certificate Programs: Certificate programs are shorter courses that offer specialized training in a specific area. With 18 points, you can explore a wide array of certificate options, such as language courses, creative arts, or technical skills training.
  • Foundation Programs: Some institutions offer foundation programs that help students bridge the gap between their current academic qualifications and the entry requirements for a desired degree course. Completing a foundation program successfully may open doors to further academic pursuits.
  • Online Courses: The digital age has expanded educational possibilities, and many reputable institutions offer online courses. With 18 points, you can explore various online study options in fields like digital marketing, graphic design, or data analytics.
  • Open Distance Learning: Open distance learning universities provide flexible study options for students with various academic qualifications. You may find suitable degree programs that match your 18 points through this mode of education.

Programs For APS 18 To 20

  • With an APS of 18 or above, you can apply to study any Diploma courses. You can choose to apply to universities, or you can choose to study ICB or NATED courses, which go up to the Diploma level.

What Is The Minimum APS At University

The minimum APS to pass Matric is 14, but this will not grant you access to any university courses. The minimum requirements for each passing level are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Pass/Matric Exemption (APS 23)
  • 40% or above for your Home Language subject
  •  50% or above for four subjects
  •  30% or above for two other subjects

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Diploma Pass (APS 19)

  •  40% or above for your Home Language subject
  •  40% or above for four other subjects
  • 30% or above for two other subjects

Higher Certificate Pass (APS 15)

  •  40% or above for your Home Language subject
  •  40% or above for two other subjects
  •  30% or above for three other subjects

NSC / SC Pass/Matric Pass (APS 14)

  •  40% or above for your Home Language subject
  •  40% or above for two other subjects
  •  30% or above for the remaining subjects

You can fail one subject; Note that these are just the minimum requirements, and achieving this does not guarantee you admission into any university courses.

A world of academic options awaits you with 18 points in your academic qualifications. There are numerous study options to match your interests and job ambitions, whether you choose higher education certificates, vocational courses, or online programmes. To guarantee a successful academic journey, take the time to investigate various universities, courses, and financial support possibilities. Visit the official Website of the University of South Africa For More details.

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