Unisa Supply Chain Management Courses 2025/2026

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Unisa Supply Chain Management Courses 2025/2026

Unisa Supply Chain Management Courses 2025/2026

A Comprehensive Guide to Unisa Supply Chain Management Courses in 2025/2026:

Unisa Introduction to Supply Chain Management Modules

 The 2025/2026 academic year has been open for aspiring students who are willing to study Supply chain management courses at Unisa. Admission requirements and application procedures may vary depending on the specific course and your educational background. To ensure a smooth application process and to get detailed information on entry requirements, application deadlines, and fees, visit Unisa’s official website or contact their admissions department.

Unisa Supply Chain Management Courses refers to courses and educational programs offered by the University of South Africa (Unisa) that focus on the field of supply chain management. Supply chain management is a special aspect of business that involves the planning, coordination, and optimization of the flow of goods, services, information, and finances from the point of origin to the point of consumption.

Courses in supply chain management at Unisa are designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles, practices, and strategies involved in effectively managing supply chains. If you are ready to step into the dynamic world of supply chain management and shape the future of logistics, then the University of South Africa (Unisa) offers an exciting range of Supply Chain Management courses for the academic year 2025/2026. This article explores how Unisa can help you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in this ever-evolving field.

Unisa Supply Chain Management Courses Offered For 2025/2026

The following are the supply management courses and programmes offered at Unisa for the academic year 2025/2026:

Purchasing Management – MNP2601:

  • This module will enable students to gain knowledge in the field of purchasing and supply management. They will have insight into the purchasing and supply function’s role within organisations and the management thereof. Students will also be empowered to apply purchasing and supply activities within selected fields.

Supply Chain Management – MNP2602:

  • Supply chain management is a multifaceted undertaking that extends beyond the scope of a single organisation. This module will empower students with the competencies (knowledge, insight, skills, values and attitudes) necessary to contribute to the management of a modern integrated supply chain.
  • The module scrutinises supply chain management from a supply perspective. The fundamental principles of supply chain management are outlined with a particular focus on customer and supplier relationship management and sources of competitive advantage within an organisation’s supply chain.

Strategic Sourcing – MNP3701:

  • The success, competitiveness and profitability of an organization in the current global business world is influenced largely by the efficiency of its strategic sourcing processes.
  • The purpose of this module is to empower students with fundamental knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to develop and implement a procurement strategy that aligns with the overall competitive strategy of the organisation.

Supply Chain Alignment – MNP3702:

  • The purpose of this module is to equip students to apply knowledge and insight about tools and strategies available to align organisational next-generation management of supply chains.
  • The primary focus is on the management of the most important elements of supply, operations, distribution and integration issues in the supply chain) to achieve sustainable competitive advantage for individual organisations and the entire supply chain.

Supplier Relationship Management – MNP3703:

  • Supplier Relationship Management has become increasingly popular as the buyer and supplier networks have become more global and interdependent. Consequently, companies are becoming more reliant on strategic suppliers for their overall growth and success. Hence, the purpose of this module is to equip students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values to be able to analyse the dynamics of supplier relationships and examine the processes and procedures for fostering positive relations with suppliers.

Supply Chain Management – SCH4801:

  • Students credited with this module can demonstrate the knowledge of the strategic impact and evolutionary direction of supply chain management in a global market environment, as well as emphasise the changes in processes and management thinking required to introduce and improve supply chain management in South African organisations.

Other Courses And Programmes Include:

  • CISCM1A – Introduction to supply chain management
  • Study Unit 1:Introduction to the concepts of supply chain management and logistics
  • Study unit 2:Purchasing management
  • Study unit 3:Suppliers management
  • Study unit 4:Inbound transportation
  • Study unit 5:Inventory management
  • Study Unit 6:Introduction to warehousing management
  • Study unit 7:Operations management
  • Study unit 8:Distribution management
  • Study unit 9:Outbound transportation
  • Study unit 10:Customer Service Management
  • Study unit 11:Integration of the supply chain
  • Study unit 12:Supply chain management in Practice and service supply chain management
  • Study Unit 13:Supply chain management in the public sector

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