My Unisa Application Status For 2023

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My Unisa Application Status For 2023

My Unisa Application Status For 2023; track application status

My Unisa Application Status For 2023

track application status

Hello there, and thank you for visiting our website. Have you applied to Unisa and would want to know how your application is progressing?
We’ve got your query addressed right here, so don’t worry.. Read carefully the step by step instructions we have written here to know how to check your Unisa application status.

Many candidates are in the same boat as you, having received no response from the University of South Africa.
It’s possible that there’s an issue with your application. Either your contact information you submitted Unisa are incorrect. If your contact information are incorrect then trust me Unisa is also finding it difficult to contact you. Now, what can you do?

We have outlined the necessary steps needed to check Unisa Application Status:

step 1: Please visit this page: Unisa Admin and check or change your contact information.

You will be asked to enter your user name and password the user name is the student number that was given to you when you applied.

Step 2: Use the username (student number) and password you received when you applied.

Step:  click on Track my application form

You are through with it the page will open for you to see the status of your admission.

In case you encounter any problem kindly do well and E-mail if you have any problems accessing the platform.

Alternatively, if you have forgotten about your student number

If you have forgotten your student number please click here

  • When it opens you will be asked to enter some vital personal details of you which are marked as seen in the picture below. My Unisa Application Status For 2023

My Unisa Application Status For 2023

Please enter all of the following personal details.
Required items marked with *

  • You will enter your surname
  • Full name
  • Your date of birth
  • ID number
  • Foreign or Passport Number (if you are international students)
  • Then click submit.

unisa application 2023

You will be able to get your student number back.

For more information please click here

My Unisa Application Status For 2023

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