Is It Hard To Get Accepted At Unisa 2024/2025

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Is It Hard To Get Accepted At Unisa 2024/2025

Is It Hard To Get Accepted For Admission At Unisa 2024/2025

How Competitive is the Admission Process at UNISA for 2024/2025:

UNISA has the infrastructure to cater to a vast number of students, given its open distance learning model, specific programs or courses might be more competitive than others. It’s essential to check the specific requirements of the program you’re interested in and ensure you meet or exceed them. Despite the fact that getting into UNISA is competitive, it is by no means impossible. Success can be achieved with a thoughtful, timely, and well-prepared application. Remember, every year, countless students embark on their academic journey with UNISA.

The University of South Africa (UNISA) stands as a beacon for distance learning, drawing interest from students both locally and internationally. As the academic year edges closer to 2024/2025, one burning question emerges: How challenging is it to secure a seat at this esteemed institution, this comprehensive guide provides all the answers you need to know about the ways to go in gaining admission at the college.

UNISA Application Date 2024-2025

Are you a fresh applicant or a returning student who wishes to apply for admission into the 2024 academic year at Unisa, applications will be open and closing by the dates published below for the various qualifications:

  • Unisa Application Date For Undergraduate Courses 2024: Applications for admission to undergraduate qualifications for the 2024 academic year open from 01 September 2023 to 13 October 2023.
  • Unisa Application Date For Honours Degrees & Postgraduate Diplomas 2024: Applications for admission to honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas for the 2024 academic year open from 01 September 2023 to 13 October 2023.
  • Unisa Application Date For Masters & Doctoral Qualifications 2024: Applications for admission to master’s and doctoral qualifications for the 2024 academic year (some exceptions apply) open from 14 September 2023 to 10 November 2023.
  • Unisa Application Date For Short Learning Programmes 2024: Applications and registrations for short learning programmes for the 2024 academic year will open in November 2023. This website will be updated as information becomes available. Please visit this site regularly for updated information.

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How To Accept Unisa Offer For 2024/2025

These two steps will guide you to accept the UNISA Application outcome with ease;

  • Vsit
  • Click on “Offer” and follow the instructions.

UNISA Qualification Admission Requirements Fopr 2024/2025

Your admission to Unisa is dереndеnt оn уоu meeting thе ѕресіfіс admission requirements fоr your chosen ԛuаlіfісаtіоn. If you don’t meet thеѕе rеԛuіrеmеntѕ, you mау want to consider alternative ԛuаlіfісаtіоnѕ.

  • A National Senior Certificate (NSC) with at least 30% in the language of teaching and learning, or
  • a Senior Certificate (SC) with at least an F symbol on HG or an E symbol on SG in the language of teaching and learning, or
  • a National Certificate (Vocational) with at least 40% in the language of teaching and learning and where the completed vocational subjects are from the field of Business, Commerce and Management Studies.

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 Unisa Application Process 20243-2025

abide by these steps to submit an application to UNISA;

  • A maximum of two qualifications, listed in order of preference, may be applied for; however, should both of your qualifications be accepted, you may only enrol for one.
  • You will be notified by Unisa of the results of your application. If accepted, Unisa will let you know which qualification and will grant you a spot for the time period for which you applied (for example, semester 2).
  • You must accept or decline Unisa’s offer within the prescribed period of time. If you miss this deadline, Unisa will withdraw the offer and give your space to another applicant.
  • First-time applicants to Unisa will be required to complete the First-Year Experience MOOC (massive open online course) before being able to accept Unisa’s offer.
  • You may only accept one offer. This means that when you accept an offer for one qualification (irrespective of whether it is your first or second qualification of choice), the other offer will automatically fall away.
  • If you accept Unisa’s offer, you must register for the period for which you have been granted admission. Should you not register for the relevant semester of study, you will need to re-apply for admission during the next application period.

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How Many Students Can Enrol At Unisa In Each Academic Year

  • Over 370,000 students from South Africa, Africa, and other countries can pursue their studies at Unisa, which provides a wide range of study subjects at certificate and degree levels.

UNISA Contact

Student enquiries

  • 0800 00 1870
    Contact details for student assistance and service

Ethics Hotline

  • 0800 075 278

Visit us

  • Main campus:
    Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria
  • Sunnyside campus (applications, registrations & learning centre):
    Cnr Justice Mahomed & Steve Biko Streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria

Getting accepted at the University of South Africa (UNISA) is a realistic goal for many students due to its open admissions policy and commitment to accessible education. While some highly competitive programs may have stricter entry standards, UNISA prides itself on offering diverse opportunities for learners to pursue their academic and professional aspirations. Visit the Official website Of Unisa for More Details.

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