How Many Semesters Does Unisa Have Per Year 2024/2025

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How Many Semesters Does Unisa Have Per Year 2024/2025

How Many Semesters Does Unisa Have Per Year 2024/2025

Unisa’s Semester Schedule for 2024/2025: How Many Semesters Are There:

The University of South Africa (UNISA) stands as a beacon of higher education, offering diverse academic programs to students across the globe. As prospective students and curious minds seek clarity on the structure of UNISA’s academic year, the question arises: “How many semesters does UNISA have per year?” In this informative article, it will be delved into the intricacies of UNISA’s academic calendar, providing insights into its semester system and shedding light on the factors that shape your educational journey.

Unisa will continue to use its tried-and-true two-semester structure for the 2024–2025 academic year. The first step towards utilising all that Unisa has to offer is to understand this system, which places a strong emphasis on flexibility and meeting the diverse needs of its students. Understanding how the semesters at Unisa are broken down can help you organise your studies successfully if you decide to study there for the academic year 2024–2025.

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How Many Semesters Does Unisa Have Per Year 2024/2025

Below is the list of the various semesters involved in an academic year at Unisa for the academic year 2024-=2025:

First Semester:

  • The first semester at UNISA for the 2024-2025 year spans from September 2023. This period encompasses several weeks of dedicated learning, where students engage with their courses, participate in discussions, and submit assignments. The first semester is a foundation-building phase, setting the tone for the academic year ahead.

Mid-year Break:

Following the conclusion of the first semester, UNISA provides students with a mid-year break. This breather offers an opportunity to recharge, review the lessons learned, and prepare for upcoming challenges.

Second Semester:

  • The second semester kicks off around July and extends until November. It carries forward the momentum from the first semester, enabling students to delve deeper into their subjects, collaborate with peers, and make progress toward their academic goals.

UNISA Semesters Registration Date In 2024/2025

Please note that the 2024 academic year is made up of 2 semesters again.

  • The first-semester registration commenced on 8 January and will close on 2nd February 2024.
  • Semester 2 registration for undergraduate qualifications, honours degrees and postgraduate diplomas is open from 3 – 28 July 2024 (semester modules only).
  • Semester 2 registration for MBA and MBL qualifications is open from 3 – 28 July 2024 (semester modules only).
  • Semester 2 registrations for Short Learning Programmes open from 22 May to 14 July 2024

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 Course Examinations At UNISA Date

Semester/module examinations are written twice annually:

  • First semester: May / June
  • Second semester: October / November

Examinations for modules which are offered in semesters are written in May / June with the supplementary and aegrotat examinations being written in October / November. Examinations for the second semester are written in October / November with the supplementary and aegrotat examinations being written the following May / June.

 Registrations Requirement At UNISA 2024

You will need the following to register online

  • Student number;     You must be a returning student or if you are a first-time student (at Unisa), have successfully applied for admission.
  • E-mail address;    Free e-mail for life is provided by Unisa once you are registered. If you have not yet claimed your account, take some time to Claim UNISA Login.

UNISA Contact

Student enquiries

  • 0800 00 1870
    Contact details for student assistance and service

Ethics Hotline

  • 0800 075 278

Visit us

  • Main campus:
  • Preller Street, Muckleneuk Ridge, Pretoria
  • Sunnyside campus (applications, registrations & learning centre):
  • Cnr Justice Mahomed & Steve Biko Streets, Sunnyside, Pretoria

The University of South Africa’s academic year revolves around two primary semesters, each comprising distinct learning phases and study blocks. This structured approach ensures that students can embark on a fulfilling educational journey while maintaining a healthy work-life-study balance. Visit The Official Website of Unisa For More Details

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