Does Unisa Accept 19 Points 2024/2025

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Does Unisa Accept 19 Points 2024/2025

Does Unisa Accept 19 Points 2024/2025

The 19 Points System for 2024/2025: A Guide to UNISA’s Admission Criteria:

In the process of university admissions for the academic year 2024-2025 at Unisa, a “points system” or “APS score” (Admission Point Score) is used to assess applicants based on the applicant’s final school results. Each subject taken during the school-leaving exams is assigned a number of points depending on the grade achieved. The points are then totalled to produce an overall score, which Unisa use to determine if a student meets the requirements for a specific course or program.

Point 19 or an APS score of 19, means that the combined points from an applicant’s school-leaving subjects should total 19 for them to be considered for admission to that specific course or program. Just like other institutions, Unisa has its own method of calculating the APS score, but it’s based on an applicant’s performance in their final exams. As such, if you’re considering applying to Unisa for the study year 2024 or a specific course, it’s important to check that institution’s APS criteria and how they calculate the score to ensure you meet the requirements.

Does Unisa Accept 19 Points Mark For 2024/2025

  • As of the current admission requirements, Unisa does accept students with 19 APS points for several of its courses. While the entry criteria may differ for different programs, there are numerous opportunities available for students with a 19 APS score.

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Understanding the UNISA Point System:

For prospective students, understanding UNISA’s admission requirements is paramount. UNISA employs a point system based on an applicant’s matriculation results to determine eligibility.

Point Allocation:

  • Each subject passed during matriculation is assigned points based on the achieved grade. Usually, a higher grade fetches more points.

The 19-Point Query:

  • For certain programs or courses, the threshold of required points might vary. Some programs have had higher demands, while others may be more lenient.

Course-Specific Demands:

  • Not all courses at UNISA will have the same point requirement. While some may accept 19 points for admission, others might require higher scores due to the competitive nature or the specific demands of the course.

Additional Requirements:

  • Beyond the point system, certain programs might have other prerequisites, such as specific subject passes, portfolio submissions, or entrance tests.

19 Points in the Unisa 2024/2025 Landscape:

For the 2024/2025 academic year, whether UNISA accepts 19 points will largely depend on the course in question. It’s important for prospective students to:

Check the Specific Course Guide:

  • UNISA provides detailed admission criteria for each of its courses. Review these to determine if 19 points are adequate for your desired program.

Consult with the Admissions Office:

  • For clarity, it’s always recommended to reach out to UNISA’s admissions office or attend one of the university’s open days.

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